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Everyday we're working to blur the line between in vitro and in vivo testing.

3D Health Solution's canine organoid technology                      models the in vivo effects of therapeutics, but can be applied at the beginning of the development process, and at a fraction of the cost of live animal testing.  

Efficiently eliminating or promoting drug or nutritional targets early in the development process is a clear enabler of simultaneously reducing R&D cost and increasing R&D capacity.

Organoid technology dramatically improves the translatability over in vitro intestinal absorption assays, and allows for early selection of the most-promising drug candidates. Organoids reduce the number of live animal studies and their associated costs while accelerating transition from pre-clinical research to early drug development.

3DHealth Solution's partnership with U.S. FDA played a significant role in the decision to eliminate the requirement of live animal testing. 

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Our technologies cover numerous species including human, but our leading products include canine intestine, lung, pancreas, liver, kidney and brain. These research tools have been tested an validated by leading companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Nestle', Heel Pharma and also federal agencies including FDA, NHI and NCI.  


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