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Blurring the line between in vitro and in vivo testing.

3D Health Solution's canine organoid technology models the in vivo effects of therapeutics or nutraceuticals, but early in the development process. 


3D Health Solutions organoids are induced from adult stem cells resulting in: 

  • Specialized Cells

  • Organ Structure and Function

  • Healthy or Disease Models

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Efficiently advancing or eliminating drug or nutritional targets early in the development process simultaneously reduces R&D cost and increases R&D capacity.

Organoid technology dramatically improves translation compared to standard in vitro assays, allowing for early selection and focus on the most promising drug and nutrition candidates. As a result, organoids reduce or even eliminate live animal studies and their associated costs, while accelerating the development process.

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3D Health Solution's partnership with the U.S. FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine meets objectives that are outlined in the Modernization Act 2.0, which has ambitions to eliminate the requirement for live animal testing. 

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3DHS provides CRO services, working with our customers on research design, performing studies and reporting results 


3DHS works in partnerships to develop proprietary models for specific applications, which can then be licensed.  


3DHS is working towards the ability to provide organoid tissues and media directly to customers or via distributors.  


Our technology is being developed in partnership with the U.S. FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, the National Science foundation and the National Cancer Institute.  


3D Health Solutions provides research services to several of the world's leading nutrition and pharmaceutical companies, and also academic institutions, including those below who's identities we are allowed to share. 

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