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3D Health Solutions is working to mainstream 3-dimensional in vitro canine cell culture lines for therapeutic drug screening purposes.  Our objective is to provide the veterinary and human drug pharmaceutical industry with assays on multi-species organoid cell lines and microfluidics techniques for drug absorption, efficacy and safety screening that will deliver superior predictability than current in vitro systems.

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Founder and President

Dr. Allenspach is an internationally-recognized Board-Certified Internist (Gastroenterologist) and serves as President and Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Allenspach's 25 years of experience led to the development of a more relevant 3D intestinal epithelial cell model for canine research - culminating in the first publications on canine intestinal organoids. 

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Founder and Company Operating Officer

Dr. Mochel is a board-certified clinical pharmacologist with extensive background in drug discovery and experimental design. Dr. Mochel has an extensive worldwide network in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries given his past experience at Novartis and Hoffmann-La-Roche. During his time at Novartis, Dr. Mochel has managed a wide portfolio of therapeutic drugs (including small molecules and biological) and was responsible for optimizing likelihood of success of the Animal Health drug pipeline.

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Dr. Christopher Zdyrski

Director of Research and Product Development

Abby Ralston

Lead Scientist

Mike Upah

Director and COO

Steve Carter 

Director and Senior Advisor

Dr. Don Stanski, MD 

Advisory Board Member

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